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britney spears bio

Spears debut in a "... Baby One More Time", released in the fourth quarter of 1998 was an instant international success, earning nine million sales in the world and ranked 25 th Rolling Stone and MTV in the "100 Greatest Pop Songs of all times. " The music video to accompany the song featured Spears dressed in Catholic schoolgirl uniform. Album of the same name was published in January 1999, reaching number one on the Billboard 200. ... Baby One More Time certified diamonds from 28 million copies sold worldwide, but received mixed reviews from. All Music Guide gave it 4 out of 5 stars, a Rolling Stone gave him 2 of 5, noting that "although several Cherion developed movie-funk jams service to plot hooks, shameless schlock slowies as" Mail My Heart " that pure spam. "Rolling Stone later featured Spears their April 1999 cover photo shoot, causing speculation in the 17-year-old breast implants. Spears success in the music, combined with its controversial manner made her one of the largest year stars. In December 1999, she received four Billboard Music Awards, including Artist of the Year women. A month later, it houses Favorite Pop / Rock Artist New solutions for American Music Awards. In 2000 Grammy Awards, Spears received two nominations in the category of Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal performance for ... Baby One More time but lost to Christina Aguilera and Sarah McLachlan respectively.